If I can do it, Anyone can

IMG_3624Finally! I’ve got my own blog. Busy schedule is never an excuse not to pursue with my passion. I’ve been a contributor and guest blogger lately so why not make my own blog. It has always been my desire to write a book. I remember before when I was in Grade School. I’ve been a Feature Writer of our School paper. I’ve been sent to other schools to compete for the Press Conference, Until I reached the Regional Competition. It was so devastating that time because I was supposed to be the representative for the Feature writing category but my coach said the day of the contest that I will be representing the Editorial category which was not the area of my expertise. Eventhough I didn’t want to but had to accept it because they were counting on me. When the moment that I saw the Editorial Cartoon, I knew that I’m gonna lose. I haven’t started yet but I’ve given up. Well, as I expected, I didn’t made it to the national competition. The trophy was made of wood, then I said to myself, ” I can just ask my dad to make one for me”. Just the thought of it made me laugh right now.

When I was in High School, I’ve been a contributor without even asking to be one. Our teacher before required us to submit an article featuring our Reach Out Program in one of the rural areas in our place. So, I’ve made a short but meaningful story about how I felt when I saw the smiles of the beneficiaries. Then here comes our School paper. I was shocked that my name was there listed as a feature writer. Whoah! Effortless super! One of the best feelings ever is being acknowledged unexpectedly.

Then I entered University and have been a Library  Working Scholar. I seized the opportunity to have an easy, trouble-free access to the best selling authors of the fiction books. One day, I was holding this book called “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. It was all about true stories and advices from people of different walks of life. Then a friend came to me who was my co-librarian as well and asked about the book because she always see me reading it. Because of that, we called each other “chicken” instead of our first name until now. I don’t know what people thinks whenever she calls me “chicken” in facebook 😂. No one asks me about it though. Then everyday, eventhough it wasn’t my duty. I always visit the Library to read the “Young blood” section in the Inquirer newspaper. Oh! and I’d wish that I was the contributor if it was a nice article and a little related to me. I didn’t even try to submit one because I wasn’t mentally ready at that time. Then I dropped out of the University and my dream of becoming a writer was gone. It was really extremely upsetting moment in which I was stuck in a situation where I didn’t know what to do, where to go and how to start all over again. But still, I kept on dreaming. Dreaming is free anyway. When you dream, there are no rules.

Then after a long time I’ve made my first book. A tagalog novel book. Hey! You thought that I’ve given up? that is not in my vocabulary friends! I am not a quitter. The publishing company paid me but it wasn’t under my name. So, let us say that it was my story but they published it under their in-house writer. It was worth 5000php, Not bad!. A friend of mine inspired me to write it. It was based from his story. I wrote it when I was in Denmark. Despite of my job as an Au pair before, I still managed to chase my dream. Now, I can say that I am living my dreams. To inspire other people to dream more. To make a difference in someone’s life. Right at this moment, while writing this, I feel so exhausted from yesterday’s work but it didn’t stop me from doing what I want. I do believe that if you have the determination, you can be as great as you want to be. Just have faith and you have to absolutely believe in yourself because if you don’t, No one will.

xoxo Jona4463


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