Sorry, I can’t do anything

Perhaps she's not afraid to live alone
So she decided to live the life she imagined
Given the urge to find something better
On working away from home

He never promised it would be easy
Yet she wholeheartedly trusted him
And sometimes she didn't want to face her fears
No one knows how to motivate her

Living away from home is scary
It was only because of the penny
Wishing for a time machine
To escape from reality

Sometimes, at night she wonders
Do they think about her too?
Is she safe?Is she alright?
We had our dinner, How about you?

Each time her heart is broken
Can she depend on them?
Let her feel your existence
She's crying out in the darkness

Remind her not to be shaken
God will provide everything
Because the only words she could say
Is 'Sorry, I can't do anything'

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