What’s on her mind?

Were you asking
What’s on her mind?
She couldn’t hear
what you were saying

But, whatever it was
She responded with a nod
Her chest aching
She felt burning inside

Fighting the knot
That tightened her throat
You were responsible
For the pain that plagued her

Worrying herself about little details
Wishing she could erase
The memory from her thoughts
Yet, what good would that do?

Don’t explain
She got it
You care about her in a way
That she can’t understand

Opening her mouth to speak
Okay, Apologize
She has created the problem
You have said

She feels sorry
You know why?
Because of her, whatever you’d formed
Were crumbled apart

But a little respect
That was all she wants
Could you please tell that
To the other one

And you, don’t be mad
Because for her
It’s okay to be
A little selfish sometimes



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