Hi there!  Welcome to my blog. I’m Jonalyn Forres Gurang. I am a filipina and currently living in Portugal. I’ve been working away from my family since 2011 in 4 different countries.


It has been my dream to be a writer. So, I guess making my own blog can be a good start. I write to inspire not to impress. My grammar is not impressive though. For me, what matters most is how you put your heart and soul into your words. My goal is to inspire other people with my stories, experiences, hardships, relationships, etc. My journey hasn’t been easy. But I am still standing, smiling, laughing, learning and living. There was a time when I fell down and couldn’t get up. The time wherein I had no one to talk to and all I could do was cry. It’s how my heart speaks when I can’t explain how I feel. Until someone came into my life and changes everything. I wasn’t expecting him and I didn’t know that he’s the one. We tried to avoid each other for some reasons until we asked God to lead us in his will . Then we realized that we are meant to be. ( We may make a lot of plans. But the Lord will do what he has decided -Proverbs 19:21 ). If I were given the chance to change something from the past, I won’t change anything. The past was supposed to be the way it was for a reason. It hasn’t been a smooth sail but all the bad phases and lows made me a stronger person and I am proud of where I am today. I am so thankful to those who have been a part of my journey in bad or good times. Thank you because without you there is no “4463″. 

To my boyfie, fiancé, my english man and my hubby to be (+44 ),

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you with all my heart.

Your filipina wife to be, 

Jonalyn Gurang(+63)

Feel free to contact me through email if you have any questions, or something!


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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Vanessa

    Almost cried reading that one.I’m happy for you my dear bestfriend.😃As I always say your such an inspiration,continue to be one.😇Keep the passion burning and write your heart out.❤Keep it coming..Maybe one day I’ll write too,who knows.😉

    Liked by 1 person

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